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  • What's a crown?
    If you have a weak tooth because you had lots of fillings or holes, it can break down one day. Crown is a cover that goes over the top of the tooth and holds it together to make it strong again. It is great for weak, cracked tooth because it will hold it in place like a protective helmet.
  • What's a veneer?
    It is a facing that goes on the front of a tooth…like an artificial finger nail…..Except it will be white and looks like a real tooth. It improves the shape, colour and appearance of the tooth.
  • What's a bridge?
    A bridge replaces a missing tooth by joining a new tooth to the adjacent teeth side-by-side. Like Habour bridge that helps you move from point A to point B. It is very beautiful and realistic looking too.
  • What's an implant?
    It is an artificial tooth that is screwed into your jaw. Nothing scary though! Dentist@North Rocks uses the latest technology to place them, so implants done with us are all NON-SURGICAL. This means no surgery, no cutting open the gums, no bones showing through = improved comfort and fast healing!
  • What's a root filling?
    The tooth is infected. The nerve inside the tooth has died and infection is spreading into the jaw. It hurts and you can’t eat or sleep because of it. Dentist@North Rocks will clean out the bugs inside your tooth and seal up the root so that the infection doesn’t come back to you again.
  • What's a gum disease?
    Gums are like the collar on a shirt. If they are tight and flat around the neck of the tooth, they are healthy. But if the gums get infected, it turns red and swollen. The gums get loose around the neck of the tooth and shrinks away. You get gaps between the tooth and the gums. It bleeds when you brush your teeth. We don’t want to get too graphic in description but sometimes pus can ooze out of infected gums. Dentist@North Rocks can do gum treatment by cleaning your gums thoroughly and flush out all the bad bits inside your gums.
  • Can you make my teeth straight?
    Sure we can! We can move your teeth to a beautiful position (it’s called Orthodontic treatment) and the good news is, we treat both kids and adults. Don’t be disheartened if you missed out on getting braces when you were a teenager. We offer orthodontic treatment to every one of all ages. Doesn’t matter if your teeth have gaps, missing, rotated, sticking out, pushed in, crowded or upside down – we will look after you. We have lots of options too. We offer invisible clear aligners, ceramic white braces, plates and much much more. Together we can pick the choice that best suits you.
  • I have missing teeth, is that okay to leave it?"
    Teeth are like a row of tightly packed books on a shelf. If you pull a big one out of the middle then everything else will collapse around it. Dentist@Northrocks can easily replace/remove your gaps between teeth with bridge, plates (dentures), braces or implants.
  • Do I have to get rid of my mercury (amalgam) fillings?
    Depends. If your mercury filling was done recently and there are no problems, you don’t need to get rid of the good fillings. However if your mercury fillings were done long long time ago and we can see cracks around the fillings, then the answer is yes. Cracks can leak bugs into the tooth causing holes/decays later. The crack line opens and closes as you chew so your natural tooth can chip or fracture due to the force of your bite. So it is better to replace your cracked, leaking mercury fillings to new, fresh fillings to protect your teeth from further damage.
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