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Clear Aligners

There is still a stigma attaches to braces. Those who need orthodontic treatment worry that their braces will be conspicuous. Yet this is largely in the past. Braces need not be embarrassing anymore! New technology means their appearance has improved, so that they are far less obvious than what was possible a generation ago.

Teeth alignment issues are now corrected with clear ceramic braces or invisible aligners. No longer will patients have to compromise their present smile for an improved smile in the future. New ceramic and invisible aligners start improving your appearance straight away, and are hardly noticeable. Patients with braces can still look great while their teeth are being steadily straightened.



These are clear, removable aligners that are replaced every two weeks. Individually manufactured specifically for the individual’s patient’s mouth, the invisible aligners system steadily moves teeth until they are optimally aligned. Despite their slight appearance invisible aligners is very effective at correcting alignment problems.



Clear ceramic invisible braces virtually blend in with the natural colour of your teeth. They work in the same manner as traditional, intrusive braces, only their appearance is far less noticeable.

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