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Teeth Whitening


People have wanted whiter teeth for many centuries. A few useful tooth whitening techniques appeared in the last generation. One of the best techniques is the relatively recent Zoom process.


Zoom whitening is performed by a professional dentist. After a thorough cleaning the teeth are coated with a whitening agent. This agent is activated by an intense light. Over a period of 30 to 60 minutes the teeth are lightened in colour, and surface stains fade. In some cases the gel and light treatment may be reapplied several times.

Because of the difficult in shielding the gums from the gel the Zoom system cannot be used as a home treatment. Zoom also requires that the teeth be free from any cracks or other issues, requiring a proper dental inspection before use. However, a custom made tray is provided for maintaining the improved teeth colour at home.

Zoom whitening is quite long lasting. A single 1 hour treatment will result in teeth that are white for a least a year, with results often last up to three years. The process has been use for several years, with good results and safe operation.

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