Wisdom teeth

Wisdom Teeth develop latter than the other permanent teeth, usually during our late teens or early twenties. They are the third molars at the back of the mouth. Often there is insufficient room for these wisdom teeth to fit properly, and they either do not fully emerge from the gum or they protrude sideways into the mouth. These partially emerged teeth are a serious issue as bacteria often gets trapped around the gum line. Infections from this bacteria are almost always painful, and some wisdom tooth infections can even be life threatening.

To prevent problems from growing worse the wisdom teeth are often removed before they cause serious harm.

We have latest technology, including an in-house X-ray machine that provides two and three dimensional images of the teeth and surrounding areas.

Carlingford Court Dental are specially trained for safe removal of troubling wisdom teeth, and we ensure that you are well looked after both during and after your surgery.

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